Anxiety / Stress Management

Stress Management

Anxiety and stress occur in everyone's life. Daily situations—never-ending bills, demanding schedules, work, and family responsibilities—can make stress seem inescapable and uncontrollable. Stress management skills have a person learn healthy ways to cope with their problems while a wholistic approach realizes that anxiety may have a more significant source.

Look for the Source

Significant daily anxiety may be related to daily situations, but it is often related to a deeper source. As we look at the daily stressors, we work to identify the actual emotions that are present and first experienced as anxiety - sadness, disappointment, embarrssment, guilt, etc. When frequent anxiety reaches a level of interfering with your life, it suggests that the true source is connected with prior life events with memories and emotions that have been unresolved. Together, we work toward identifying the source and recognizing that this may be an opportunity for a transformational approach to anxiety and stress management.  

Strategies for Stress Management

These old memories and emotions have often persisted for so many years that they have led to low self-esteem with self-defeating habits, including addiction and poor relationships. Identifying and processing the source of these habits can be truly transformational for your life. Part of this recovery will also support new habits as part of a healthy lifestyle - exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough quality sleep, and developing a support network. Often out of awareness spiritual connections with this anxiety such as loss of faith in yourself or loss of meaning and purpose are key to your growth. New activities such as meditation, tai chi, yoga, and other practices may support a greater and sustained fulfillment. 

Finally, you should know that the anxiety itself - especially of the unknown - is often what keeps a person from pursuing treatment.  My evaluation of your situation will take this into consideration and assist you in seeing the greater opportunity that may be available when you take the leap into treatment. Empathy, compassion and courage are a significant part of exploring and creating your recovery. 

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